Agriculture Insurance

Agri-Insurance is an insurance product specifically designed to protect different types of Farmers and Agricultural Producers against the financial losses they may incur as a result of unforeseen events.

This insurance product gives focus to

1.Crop Insurance: Protects farmers against losses in crop yields or revenue due to natural disasters such as droughts, floods, hailstorms, or pest infestations.

2.Livestock Insurance: Provides coverage for losses in Livestock due to Diseases, Accidents, or Natural disasters.


Agriculture Insurance


Although the cover is specifically designed to protect the main Risks that are affecting the Agricultural sectors, like Crop and Livestock, it also extends to cover other risks sections such as:-

  • Liability Cover which includes different types of Liability perils involving a third party, such as:
  • Product Liability protects businesses, including agricultural producers, against claims arising from the use of their products or produce.
  • Public Liability covers legal costs, compensation payments, and other expenses associated with claims made by third parties for injuries or property damage caused by your business activities.
  • Director’s Liability provides cover to the legal responsibility of individuals serving as directors of a company for their actions and decisions made in that capacity.
  • Fidelity Guarantee provides coverage for losses resulting from employee theft, embezzlement, fraud, or other dishonest conduct caused by an internal member of the entity.
  • Employees’ Liability covers damages for claims from an employee sustaining personal injury in the course of their employment including defense costs for the employers.
  • Property Cover provides financial protection for physical assets against various risks, including damage loss, Theft, Natural Desalter and Fire & Explosion, including
  • Features & Fittings which refers to any items or equipment and/or machinery attached to or build with the property.
  • Municipal Properties which refers to any items or property belonging to the municipality like the sewage and drainpipes. .
  • Subsidence & Landslip provides cover to loses that may occur due to various factors, including soil movement, changes in groundwater levels, and natural events such as heavy rainfall or earthquakes
  • Motor Cover provides financial protection for both on and off-road vehicles against various risks, including damage loss, Theft, Hijack, Natural Desalter and Fire & Explosion. The cover extends to include Tractors, Excavators and wheel Irrigations.
  • Stock Cover provides a comprehensive cover for the famer’s produce. This Insurance normally product kicks in after the Harvest-Time to cover the stock during storage and in transit. This cover can include additional (optional) covers such as:
  • Deterioration of Stock which provides cover against wasted or spoilt stock during storage and in transit.
  • Product Recall which covers financial loses as a result of the farmer’s produce being recalled for various reasons that may include consumer-safety.