Aviation Insurance is a specialized insurance product designed to protect Aircraft Owners, Aircraft Operators, and other Aviation Stakeholders against various risks associated with aviation operations.

This insurance Product provides coverage for a wide range of potential losses, liabilities, and damages related to Aircraft and Aviation activities which includes:

  • Hull All Risks
  • Covers accidental damage to the aircraft, including but not limited to collisions, crashes, fires, explosions, and climate changes related losses. It extends to cover Wing, Gliders, Fixed and Rotor.
  • Crew Personal Accident
  • Provide financial protection for the crew members of an aircraft in the event of an accidents or incidents resulting in bodily injury or death. This includes Permanent Disability, Temporary Disability and Medical Expenses.
  • Pilot Excess Cover
  • Covers Excess that a Pilot is liable for, following a loss on a third-party aircraft. Product will also cover pilots that hire and fly air school aircraft, or aircraft that they do not own.
  • Hull Deductible
  • This cover is similar to Pilot excess. However, the biggest difference here is, is that this is for the owner or named pilot on a specific policy. It covers the Excess that is liable by the Aircraft Owner following a claimable loss.
  • Hull War Risk
  • Covers physical damage to aircraft caused by war-related perils, such as acts of war, hostilities, terrorism, civil unrest, insurrection, and other war-related events. Like Hull All Risk, but as a result of a War including Hijack
  • Airport Owner & Operators Liability
  • Covers physical assets owned by the airport such as terminals, hangars, runways, taxiways, buildings, equipment, and other infrastructure. This coverage protects against fire, vandalism, natural disasters and accidental damages
  • Third-Party and Passenger Liability
  • Covers legal liabilities to passengers and third-party as a result of damages caused by an insured peril. It is made up of two sections, Sec1 being cover for Third Party Liability only and Sec2 being cover for Passenger liability
  • No Claims Bonus Protection Plan
  • In Aviation, you can get either an Up Front No Claim Bonus or an Earned No Claim Bonus. Depending on a % risk-spilt, the insured will pay premium less the Claim Bonus or receive a claim bonus at renewal.