Fire insurance, simply put, is a type of property insurance that provides financial protection to individuals and businesses in the event that their property or assets are damaged or destroyed by fire. Here’s a breakdown of fire insurance:

Fire insurance policies typically cover damage caused by fires, including destruction of buildings, structures, contents, inventory, and equipment due to flames, smoke, and related perils. Coverage may extend to both residential and commercial properties, depending on the policy.

Additional Perils: In addition to fire, many fire insurance policies also cover damage caused by related perils such as lightning, explosion, and sometimes even water damage resulting from efforts to extinguish the fire.

Fire insurance can be purchased as a standalone policy, which in that way it will cover everything at the insured Risk Address excluding motor, it can be insured as part of a comprehensive property insurance package. It may also be included in homeowner’s insurance policies for residential properties or commercial property insurance for businesses.