Office Content Insurance

Content insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial protection against loss or damage to physical house or office contents, such as furniture, appliances, clothes and other equipment and tools

    It typically covers various types of risks, including:
    1. Fire and Lightning
        (a) The fire section can also be purchased as a stand-alone cover which will cover all the insured’s belongings (excluding motor) at a nominated Risk-Address. However, under the Content section, the Fire peril will be limited to the specific insured contents only.
    1. Theft and Burglary.
        (a) Similar to the Fire section, the Stand-Alone Theft peril will cover everything (excluding motor) at a nominated Risk-Address, whiles this theft peril under the content section covers Theft loses related to the insured content at that insured Risk-Address only.
    1. Accidental and Malicious Damages
        (a) This perils cover loses to the insured’s property as a result of physical damages, whether accidental of malicious.
    1. Natural Disaster.
      (a) It covers damages as a result of nature and climate change such as floods, storm and hail related damages. This peril cannot be purchased as a standalone and the cover on this one is limited t the insured contents.