Property Cover

Property Cover is a type of insurance that provides financial protection against loss or damage to physical property, such as buildings and structure.

It typically covers various types of risks, including:


The fire section can also be purchased as a stand-alone cover which will cover all the insured’s belongings (excluding motor) at a particular Risk-Address. However, under the Property section, the Fire peril will be limited to the specific insured property (building) only.

Theft and burglary.

Similar to the Fire section, the Stand-Alone Theft peril will cover everything (excluding motor) at a nominated Risk-Address, whiles this theft peril under the property section covers Theft loses related to the insured property only. Accidental and Malicious Damages. 

This perils cover loses to the insured property as a result of physical damages, whether accidental of malicious.

The cover extends to include features and fittings along with extended properties in the insured Risk-Address such as the wall, fence, gate etc.

Natural Disaster.

It covers damages as a result of nature disasters and climate change such as floods, storm and hail related damages. This peril can not be purchased as a stand alone and the cover on this one is limited to the insured’s property along with its features and fittings.